Transforming product detail copy into compelling stories

Just a few product descriptions I’m justifiably proud of…

You may be thinking, “Hey – isn’t this the watch Johnny Utah checked before jumping out of the airplane in Point Break?” Yep. Because Freestyle’s Shark Classic watches were what EVERY surfer wore – and because this one’s ninja-black, it’s perfect for an undercover FBI agent. You don’t have to be as cool as Keanu Reeves to pull off this look, either. The Freestyle Shark Classic Leash line sports the original Velcro band that ignited Freestyle Watches in the 80s is back and better than ever. The shark leash’s Velcro closure system is modeled after an 80’s style surfboard leash (remember when Velcro was a big deal? We sure do!) The Shark Leash comes loaded with standard digital features like time, date, stopwatch, countdown timer, alarm and night vision backlight — the basic toolkit everyone (including FBI agents) needs. Like all Freestyle Watches, the Shark Classic Leash line is water resistant to 100 meters (328 ft).

  • Easy-to-adjust Velcro band doesn’t torture you by occasionally ripping wrist hairs out
  • Waterproof to 328 ft – take it with you on all your adventures, wet and dry
  • Night vision display lights up display bright blue for easy low-light visibility
  • Audible alarm so you can wear your alarm clock to bed
  • Dual time display (or switch display to military time, like dad used to do)
  • Stopwatch lets you time your laps around the pool
  • Hydro Pushers-style buttons are easy to find and use underwater, even when wearing dive gloves

The Yeti Tundra 35 Cooler is the toughest cooler available on the market. Rotomolded construction means that it is armored to the core, and virtually indestructible. Yeti coolers are even certified grizzly bear proof. We aren’t sure whether this means they’re also alligator-proof; so far no one we know has been willing to toss their treasured Yeti Tundra into the Everglades to see what happens.

The Tundra cooler is made with up to 3 inches of permafrost insulation to keep food and drinks cold, or even frozen for days. With non slip feet, the Tundra 35 Cooler is the perfect size for stand up paddleboarding, the boat, your kayak, or to keep you hydrated during a beach barbecue.


  • Rotomolded construction makes it virtually indestructible
  • 20 beer can capacity, or 28 pounds of ice
  • Certified grizzly bear proof
  • Doublehaul military grade nylon handles
  • Vortex drain system
  • Permafrost insulation
  • Bearfoot non-slip grip feet
  • Includes dry goods rack
  • 5 year manufacturer warranty

When you need 39 cans (of beer) to stay colder than cold, the only reliable solution is the Yeti 65 Tundra Cooler The Yeti Tundra 65 Cooler is the central location of only the finest tailgates, and equally as important for housing your catches on the boat. This heavy duty ice chest is busting with 2 inches of insulation, and supports dry ice storage in its roomy center core. Durable polyethylene material withstands any party, camping trip, or fishing trip. Marine-grade nylon rope with textured grips make carrying even the fullest cooler easy. This ice chest is plenty roomy and can hold a limit of redfish or your prized brisket without breaking a sweat. Also, it’s bear proof – meddlesome grizzly bears to be exact, the strongest of all the bear species. (Not that we often encounter grizzlies here in Dania Beach. Still, better safe than sorry.)


  • 65 quarts (39 can capacity)
  • 2-3 inches permafrost insulation
  • Roto-molded, virtually bulletproof polyethylene construction stands up to years of adventure
  • Certified grizzly bear proof
  • Vortex drain system
  • Doublehaul military grade nylon rope handles
  • Includes dry goods rack
  • 5 year manufacturer warranty

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