Digital Marketing Master

Hi, I’m George.

My mission: to save the world from drab committee-drafted statements that have had all personality and humor surgically excised.

I love telling stories, especially the kind that blast the proverbial envelope into confetti.

Learning thrills me — especially when I get to explain new ideas and concepts.

The best, though? When a reader makes the WOW face. I live for that.

Who is this George guy anyway?

I’m that George guy. Over my 17 years in online marketing, I’ve developed fierce opinions on UX, copy-as-design-element, and making data-driven decisions.

I lose my shit when decision-makers stop following the numbers and start following their guts, or voodoo, or a magic 8-ball. I panic when I see organizations chasing sunk costs, or neglecting to factor opportunity cost into a CBA.

Delighted by high-level strategy creation because hey, it’s fun to talk shop! In the business long enough to know that anyone can say something smart in a strategy session — execution is all that really matters.

And if you can’t measure the results, they didn’t happen.

I want to work with smart people solving hard problems — trying things so audacious we’re all a little scared.

I started this website as a combination journal and trophy case. Take a look at the articles, and my case studies — and the portfolio, too, if you need a little digital marketing magic.