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CRO Review: White Sands Treatment Center

Just because they didn’t sign the contract doesn’t mean I was wrong!

Here’s a pitch that didn’t pan out. This isn’t a comprehensive CRO assessment because I didn’t want to give away all my secrets all at once. Or overwhelm the client.

(Remember — just because they didn’t sign the contract doesn’t mean I was wrong!)



Homepage violates a couple of conversion optimization best practices:

1. Call-to-action color not reserved (see mockup)

2. Sliders are conversion poison: 

These changes alone will improve the conversion rate of visitors who land on the site’s homepage.

PPC Landing page

The call-to-action color should contrast with the overall color scheme of the website and should be reserved for the call-to-action only.

How I can help

I’ve done a lot of work with lead generation sites generally and some work in the alcohol and drug rehab vertical. I managed to save a client 70% on his cost-per-lead in just 60 days of work. There’s another where I improved a site’s conversion rate by 74% with a conversion optimization engagement. 

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